How can a legal document assistant help you?
What is a legal document assistant? 
Under the Business and Professions Code 6400, (c) “Legal document assistant” means: (1) Any person who is not exempted under Section 6401 and who provides, or assists in providing, or offers to provide, or offers to assist in providing, for compensation, any self-help service to a member of the public who is representing himself or herself in a legal matter, or who holds himself or herself out as someone who offers that service or has that authority. This paragraph does not apply to any individual whose assistance consists merely of secretarial or receptionist services. 
Family Law
Parental Rights
There are many areas of family law including divorce, annulment and legal separation. Click on services for more information.
Establishing parentage in order to get orders for child support, custody, or visitation. Click on services for more information.
Adoption is the legal process of becoming a non-biological parent of a child or an adult. Click on services for more information.
We are not Attorneys and cannot give legal advice.
We provide services only at your direction. We cannot and are prohibited from giving you legal advice by telling you how to proceed or what forms to use, however, we are permitted to provide you with published legal information to assist you in directing your own legal matter. 
We understand that sometimes family and relationship problems can be emotionally draining. If you need legal advice or someone to appear for you in court, we may refer you to someone who can help. 

What does all this mean for you?
In California, a Legal Document Assistant must be a registered and bonded to prepare legal forms and other types of legal documents for the public.  Legal Document Assistant’s must also comply with continuing education training to stay up to date on new laws.

Make sure whoever you choose can show you they are in compliance.

Restraining Orders
and more......
We can help prepare your guardianship documents. There are a number of documents involved in this kind of proceeding. Let us help make it easier. We also provide document preparation of termination of guardianships.
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We can help prepare domestic violence restraining orders, civil restraining orders or elder abuse restraining orders. 
This is completly confidential and we can also help with filing and serving your documents.
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Our Approach:
The court is no place for families!
You have options and all parties can have control over your families future.  Click on "about" for more information on mediated agreements and low cost alternatives to high priced attorney fees and court costs which means less time in court.

There are many ways to keep your family intact when you separate. A divorce or separation can be very difficult, however, by communicating and reaching solutions together, everyone can avoid hurting each other and, most of all,  your children. 

Let us help you with your options. Call, email or click on contact and message us today to see how we can assist you.

Quality Legal Document Preparation at your direction.

Serving the Motherlode in the heart of Gold Country, including:
Amador, Calaveras, Mariposa and Tuolumne Counties. 

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